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Chuck Taylor Photographer is an award-winning published landscape, wildlife, and adventure photographer.  After serving in the military as a USAF firefighter, he went to college and eventually graduated with an MBA. Then Chuck spent the next 17 years working for Shell Oil as a commodities trader and raising two daughters. As the kids got older and moved on, he began a new adventure.  Professional photographer.

It was mid-2016 when he reached a point where a corporate job had little appeal regardless of the salary; he was driven to pursue other passions.   Passions like videography, minimalism, tiny houses, wildlife, exploring the outdoors, national parks, and mountain biking the southwest were all on the list.   It was then he bought his first camera.  Leaving his corporate job was the change that led to photography and ultimately understanding its importance in people's lives. It has consumed him since.

In today's hectic world, Chuck encourages everyone to make small efforts to reconnect with nature, as its effects on your well-being can be profound. There's nothing like witnessing a burning sunrise or gazing up at the stars with fresh air in your lungs to help de-stress and reconnect with this amazing planet that we ALL call home. The power and beauty of nature are genuinely humbling, and more than ever before, it needs to be respected and preserved for future generations to enjoy as we have been so privileged to do so.

Moreover, Chuck's goal is to create original, compelling photographic art that conveys a mood and stirs emotion in the viewer. Hopefully, you may find an image that speaks to you somehow, as in the appreciation of fine details, color, or light. Maybe it triggers a fond memory, reminds you of a place you have visited, or a loved one that you miss. Whatever the reason, Chuck Taylor is genuinely grateful for your support and looks forward to hearing from you.

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